Wednesday Rant

OK, so I’m a little “in my feelings”, as they say, today. I got some news that was great to hear but hard to swallow. The details are irrelevant. Let’s just call them bitter-sweet. I guess the point is that I missed it and feel a certain way about it. Remember the last post about vulnerability? Here it is. Well, here is one of those Romulan qualities that is surfacing. I know there is nothing I can do at this point but, still, it’s hard to accept. “Man up” time is nigh. I can’t really blame the messenger because I did ask so, there is no blame placing. Sometimes humans can get in the way of themselves. I’m using myself as an example.

Let me pose a question. When you get “in your feelings” how do you deal with it? Do you use logic or do you just engage them without thinking? What would cause you to just engage without trying to reason with said feelings? For me, it depends on the circumstances regarding why I’m feeling the way I do. Right now, I want to engage but, I know that there are circumstances regarding the issue. This is where logic really needs to be my best friend. I need logic to sit me down and say, “dude, why are you feeling this way, there was nothing you could do. Besides, it’s not like the news was bad, right?” Yeah, the duality of the kindred ancestry between Romulans and Vulcans is a beast to contend with. Especially when they reside in the same space…


Time For a Rant

Well it’s finally Friday. It was a short week but it definitely felt like a regular one. I’ve stopped planning for weekends as I have gotten older. To be honest, I really don’t lead a very exciting life. I go to work, come home, spend time with my boys as much as possible, worship on Sunday, then do it all over again the next week. Pretty mundane if you ask me but, oh well. Things could definitely be a lot worse.

Who’s gearing up for the Super Bowl?! I look forward to this game with bitter sweetness because of the fact that it’s the last game of the season and we will see football until August. I know there is still basketball, hockey, etc but, I only watch those on a college level. In fact, I actually prefer college sports to professional sports. There is something about playing at that level that seems to be more genuine at leat in the traditional sense. Granted, college sports has come a long way–not necessarily for the better but, I still love watching it. This does not take away from my love for the NFL; it just has to know its place in my heart.

I also freely admit to having an addiction to Netflix. Whomever was responsible for this gets props for sure. I’m the type of watcher that will watch an entire series in marathon mode. To me it’s the closest thing to reading a book without turning pages. The last show that I completed was Dexter. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth looking at. I will warn you that it’s not for the weak-hearted or those that are squeamish. Mature subject matter along with graphic scenes definitely suggests that you not let your children look at this. In certain ways, I can identify with the main character (minus the sociopathic tendencies, and the thirst for killing). He’s definitely a good person at the 3rd layer or so. He definitely likes his alone time…lol. He also definitely loves his family and will do anything to protect them. Yeah, he needed help in a LOT of other areas but, who doesn’t, right?

Ok so, now I am winding down to the last paragraph. I hope you all have a great weekend and I also want to thank each and every one of you that stop by and take a gander at the progress I’m making. I’ve had this blog for a few years and have tried my best to share what God has given me to share. There have been times when I have neglected to post anything not for lack of trying. I plan on making this place a lot more useful. I only ask that, if you enjoy what you’ve read, please share my spot with someone. Well, I guess this is it for today. Have a great weekend.