Rant: Mental Health

Good morning.  I want to take a few moments to talk about a subject that is the elephant in the room.  Mental illness.  Now, I am no expert nor am I qualified to diagnose anything.  The only thing I am qualified to do is pray for those who suffer from it and encourage them as well as their families to ensure the person suffering from it gets help right away.

There is a patron here that comes in quite frequently.  It’s very obvious that she is suffering.  Among all of the snickering and evil looks that she is being given by other patrons, the reality is that she is indeed suffering from a mental illness.  Admittedly, I was a bit annoyed by her presence but, after a while, I realized that she is suffering and may or may not know.  This is why I can only pray for her.  I can only ask God to move in her life so that she is able to get the help she needs.  From what I can tell she is not in the best place financially.  This is another issue that some who suffer from this have to deal with.  Treatment can be expensive.  No money, no treatment.  No treatment, more suffering.  It’s sad, really.

If you’re reading this, I am asking that you take the time to pray for those that are suffering.  They may be part of your family or you may not even know them at all.  What matters is that you ask God for their healing.


P. K. Minister: The Freshman Years…One Term Down

Well, I’ve done it!  I have successfully completed my first term at Liberty University.  It was definitely an amazing journey.  Walking through the corridors of the Old Testament and learning how to be a successful online student have both given me some much-needed insight on how to keep this school thing going.  If there was a drawback, I would say that starting my second term in the process of finishing he first term deemed difficult but, now that the first two classes are over I can get back to being less stressed.  The only difference now is that I have to prepare four sermons for the month of April.  That part I’ve done before but never while attending college.  One of my second term classes is evangelism so, I decided to use that as the focus for the month.  You can never learn too much about how to share the Gospel with others.

I hope everyone had a great Easter celebration.  We had a really great time yesterday, starting with our Sunrise service and followed by morning worship and Holy Communion.  We had a really great attendance as well.  I just pray that the numbers will continue.

Speaking of evangelism, we took to the streets 2 weeks ago and passed out some care packages to the less fortunate folks not too far from the church.  I’m not sure whether they were homeless or not but, they were in definite need.  One of our ministries made bags that contained Toothbrushes, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, and soap.  After service that Sunday we passed them out and tried our best to “plant seeds” that, hopefully, landed on fertile soil.  Amazingly, one of the ladies we gave a bag to asked us, “where are the bibles?  It would be really nice if we could have one of those small New Testament bibles to read.”  WOW!!  Goes to show you that even though there are some people out there that are going through life struggles, they still want to read the Word of God. Pretty amazing actually!  I took her request back to the ministry and they said that they will see about buying some for the next time.  I am looking forward to that.

Well, that about sums up my latest adventures.  Stay tuned for more…