Friday Rant

Well, here we are at the end of another week.  I am also proud to say that I have also come to the end of my 4th week of school.  You have no idea how this makes me feel.  Actually, it feels REALLY GOOD!!!  So far, I have finished one essay on Biblical Worldview from my own perspective, taken a few quizzes, posted a few discussion boards, and even taken math and English assessments.

My essay on Biblical Worldview was based on the first 11 chapters of Genesis and how it relates to my own beliefs.  I have had no problems preparing sermons but this was definitely a different animal altogether.  Nevertheless, I got through it with an 85.  The only thing that kept it from earning a 100 was formatting.  My degree program calls for Turabian or Chicago style citing which was no problem there.  The issue was that I had too much spacing.  No problem.  I can fix that.  The good news is that I have to continue to use the same style of citing for the rest of the time I’m in school.  I have my Dad to thank for this because of his mission to rear the four of us knowing the Word of God.  Not necessarily everything (there is no way that we can know everything down here), but definitely where to go and how to read and interpret scripture.

The other class I’m taking for this term is a class on how to become an online student.  I thought that I was pretty good at that since my being in IT calls for a lot of research and using Google (yes, Google is IT’s best friend). Well, it turns out that there was still some new stuff to learn.  For example, I learned about the terms Pedagogy and Andragogy.  Both are learning styles but, Pedagogy is how children learn and Andragogy is how adults learn.  Obviously, since I’m all grown up (gasp), I am learning to use Andragogy.  We even get deeper into them but that’s for another blog.

My English assessment went pretty well.  I’m so glad that my Mom was an English major as well as a teacher.  And, since we weren’t really allowed to speak slang at home growing up, this made the assessment go well.  It’s really funny how you have to try hard NOT to speak slang.  This is partly due to working with the public on a daily basis and, of course, my Mom.  She made sure to correct us if we weren’t correct with diction and\or grammar.  “I don’t want you going out there speaking any kind of way.”  Of course you know that I have turned right around and done this to my sons.  Hopefully, the cycle will continue.

And then, there is math.  My least favorite subject.  That assessment did not go so well.  I say this with confidence because I have to challenge myself this time around.  I know my limitations but, I also know my strengths.  Again, being an IT guy, numbers are part of the job especially dealing with networks and IP addresses.  Fortunately, there is dynamic IP addressing but, in school, we had to learn the hard way – with exponents.  I will definitely keep you entertained with that class, once I get to it.

Well, that about wraps it up for this time…