P. K. Minister: The Freshman Years

Well, it’s finally here.  I am officially a Freshman at Liberty University.  The process of just trying to get in was trying enough but, I am glad I am able to start my studies.  One thing that I will admit is, school was not my forte when I was younger.  In fact, I really did NOT like studying at all.  The irony here is that I will read article from magazines, newspapers, and even the occasional Wikipedia entry about something that interests me.  But reading for school? Not so much.

One of the good things about going to college these days is that you can do it all online.  Granted there are tons of “colleges” that will offer you degree programs online that may or may not be transferable but, having the ability to sit in your living room for class is the best, in my opinion.  I am just praying that I can maintain this excitement throughout the process!  Admittedly, it’s been a while since I’ve been in school.  I really don’t have the distractions that I had when I was a teenager running wild.  Years in the Army, two sons, working, and now preaching have, in my opinion, prepared me for this test of scholastic will.  When I told my boys that I was going back to school, my youngest said, “So are you going to have homework?  Who’s going to help you when you get stuck?”  This made me laugh because he was really interested in my scholastic well-being.  My oldest wanted to have a study hall.  Again, the laughter!!

Well, I am going to have a busy weekend ahead of me so I am getting myself prepared and mentally and spiritually.  In other words, “I’m going in!!”