And in this corner….


I’m not the biggest boxing fan but, I do know that, when it comes to this sport, one of the most important places the combatants go to is their own corner. There, each man or woman gets instructions, care, attention and most importantly, encouragement. You will always see a cut man as well as a man there to give him or her a drink of water. However, it’s the trainer that gives the fighter what they need to go back in and fight. “They’re coming at you with the left more than the right so, stay away from the left jabs.” These are good instructions because the trainer sees things differently. He sees you as well as sees your opponent. The strength and weaknesses that can help you turn the tide in your favor. A good trainer does that. Angelo Dundee was one of the best because he was also a trainer for the best, Muhammad Ali. I am convinced that had Angelo not been in Ali’s corner, a lot of those victories could and would have gone the other way.

What am I saying here? I’m saying that a good fighter is great and being a great fighter is paramount but, if you don’t have that one person in your corner, some of those victories can prove costly. From my own personal experiences as of late, my corner has no one but the best in it. God, being the most important but He has seen fit to give me a few and one in particular to help me fight through this thing called life. I’ve lost a few rounds but my corner has been there to give me what I needed to hear; even though I wasn’t ready to necessarily hear it. I had to listen to my corner! There was once a time when I was younger when Dad would tell me, “everybody’s in your corner but YOU!” That didn’t matter much to me until now. “My corner” has been there and I had to make a decision to join them there in order to get back in and fight.

I’ll leave you with this. There are two types of people. Those that fight and those will have to. The key is to pick your battles or, they will be chosen for you. When you have picked your battle, make sure your corner has the right people in it. You definitely don’t want to get the wrong plan of attack. I’m really fortunate and blessed that “My corner” knows what I need and can see what I need to do to get back in the ring and fight because “My corner” has a better view of the entire ring. As long as “My corner is there, I WILL WIN!!

Until next time…