A New Beginning: Part of the plan realized

Good evening readers,

It has certainly been a log time since we’ve shared anything. I have definitely been a busy man as of late. I hope this finds you in good spirits and I pray that you are all doing well.

As of this past Sunday, September 29, 2013, I was officially ordained into the Gospel Ministry. This has been a long time coming for me and, if I said that I was wasn’t anxious about it, I would be a liar. To be honest, I did not think it was going to happen this soon. I have been preaching since 2007 and I figured that I have to definitely get my feet wet as well as pay my dues before this honor was bestowed upon me. Well, I can tell you that I was deeply humbled and happy when my Pastor told me that he was ready to ordain me. That’s when the nerves set in. At that very moment, all of what I had been doing in ministry had replayed before my eyes. Then the questions set in. Was I ready for this? Was I deserving of this? Am I even doing the right thing? Yes, these questions all came at once. As the day got closer, I seemed to relax a little. I woke up on Sunday, got dressed for morning service and then waited…and waited…and waited.

Finally, after I had changed clothes for the occasion, I walked from the back area and saw some of my family. They came! I was pumped at that point. I then went back to the room and waited on the service to begin. The clergy walked out first, then the deacons. Now it was my turn. Every single person there was there to bear witness to this. I walked out and sat in front as instructed; facing the congregation with my family in front. Nerves all over again…LOL As the service proceeded I felt better because I thought about The Plan. There is a plan in place and this was only part of it. It was then that I felt it. My Dad’s presence. He was there and so was Mom. I had always wanted to make my parents proud and I think this was it. They are in Heaven as we speak but they stopped by the church that day! The speaker for the occasion was Dr. W. James Favorite. Talk about dynamic! His sermon was geared to me but it really felt like he was talking to me. Like a father/son talk so to speak. The kind of advice that only two other men could match; my Dad and his best friend, my Pastor.

When it was all over, Pastor Johnson gave the statement of affirmation. I then saw what I hadn’t seen in a while. My Dad’s smile. Not only am I his son, I’m now a co-laborer. Even though he’s no longer here, we’re now part of a fraternity that not everyone is called to. I thank God for the call and for the initiation!!

Until next time…