Confessions from P. K. Minister

Good day readers;


I am coming to you with mixed emotions today.  My family and I buried our Mom yesterday.  It was a sudden shock to all of us because, for the most part, she was was very healthy for a woman of 83 years.  She lived a full life and was a very faithful woman of God.  In fact, she did a very good job raising 4 children.  One, of which, she chose to take in as her own.  That is yours truly.  I can honestly say that, without her devotion to all of us, we would definitely be in different places in our own lives because the impact that she placed on all of us would definitely be missed.  This is in no way discounting the love and devotion our Dad showed  us but, there is something about Mom that makes things alright.  So, I say I come to you with mixed emotions because I will truly miss her down here but, I know beyond all doubt, that she is finally together with my Dad.  Let’s face it, being married for 53 1/2 years is something that is unheard of in today’s world so.  That being said, when part of that union has gone to be with God, and the other has remained here a little while longer, there is some sadness.  I know she loved us but, I also know that she loved and deeply missed my Dad.  To this end I can only thank God that He allowed us 7 more years after Dad when home  but, I am even more thankful that He called her home when He was ready.  I cannot say what was on her mind during these past few years, but I can only imagine that every waking moment she was asking God to let her join him.  He always answers prayers so I know He answered hers.

One thing I can definitely say about me during this period was that I had to get over my selfishness.  Admittedly, I was deeply angry at the fact that I lost my Dad.  To me, he was the one that was supposed to be here forever.  He was the one that was supposed to be here in all of my accomplishments.  He was that one person that was going to see me when I did something good.  Well, he wasn’t here for all of those things.  Was I mad? You best believe me.  Do I miss him?  You have no idea.  Was I wrong?  YES!!!  I was wrong because, for starters, he was in pain.  He suffered many strokes toward the end and seeing him, the man that was my ultimate hero, the man that made my heart feel good when he called me by my nickname “Tiger”, the man that stood tall literally and figuratively, was now walking with a cane.  He was weak and could not even make it to the pulpit on Sundays anymore.  I was wrong on so many levels.  Now, my Mom is with him.  How could I be angry at that?  How dare I keep her from being with the man she met in college over half a century ago.  How dare I keep her from her one and only true love.  How dare I be so selfish!!!  I tell you, God has a way of whipping you right back into perspective and no one deserved it more than me.  I really cannot thank Him enough.  So, to Dad, my grandparents, aunts, uncles.  All of which are up there now celebrating that another one has joined the reunion, I say, thank you for keeping watch and waiting for Mom to get there.  I’m sure she has some stories to tell you since you last met.  The remainder of us here, are thinking of you.  Yes we miss you but, we wouldn’t have it any other way…


Until Next Time