(The Prequel) Mission in Action: The Jesus Agenda

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I am hoping and praying that you will be blessed by this piece.  This is the prequel to the Mission in Action Series.  The first was posted last year, Mission in Action (Time to punch in and go to work) and, the second was Mission in Action (Praying for a miracle in the middle of a mess).  Well if you like movies like I do, some films will add a prequel to see where it all began.  Well, here is my prequel to the Mission in Action Series, The Jesus Agenda.


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(The Prequel)  Mission in Action:  The Jesus Agenda

Matthew 9:35-38





As we worship on this first Mission Sunday of 2012, we can come to the conclusion that, while there is


time for worship, there is also time for work.  Yes, we can come to God’s house any day of the week and


sit in His pews, sings His songs, hear His Word and even pray that He will help us and help each other


according to His will.  But there still remains that task at hand that that task is that there is work to be


done.  Those of us that have been in the workforce currently, or retired, or even those of us that are


matriculating in some sort of post secondary education know that before you can begin to embark on


the tasks that have been laid before us, there has to be some sort of agenda outlining what needs to be


done in order to accomplish our goal.  If we look at the word “agenda” you will see what we are trying


to say here:


1745–55;  < Latin,  plural of agendum  that which is to be done,gerund of agere  to do; the plural orig. carried a collective sensedenoting the various items to be transacted


agenda  (əˈdʒɛndə)                                                                       
— n


functioning as singular ) Also called: agendum  a schedule or   list of items to be attended to


functioning as plural agendas , Also called: agendums matters to be attended to, as at a meeting of a committee

When we look at these examples of what an agenda really is, we can come to the conclusion that Jesus


has an agenda for His church.  The main reason He was born was that we all would have a right to the


tree of life but, while He was on earth, he set the ground rules, and the personal example for us to


follow.  In other words, before He came, He already had agenda in place.  All we have to do is accept the


fact that Jesus had an agenda and the Jesus Agenda is what the Church needs to use in order to save the


souls in these last days.



As we look in chapter 9 of Matthew’s Gospel, we see Jesus coming by ship to His own city of Galilee.  As


he left the ship, He healed a man sick with the palsy, a woman with an issue of blood that had lasted


twelve years, raised the daughter of Jarius from the dead, two blind men, a man that was possessed by


the devil, and still found time to go preaching and teaching to multitudes of people in their own villages


and synagogues.  Yet, while this was happening, He was ridiculed by priests and scribes for asking a tax


collector to follow Him and even going to his house to eat.  Toward the end of the chapter, Jesus says,


after seeing the crowd that was following Him, “Pray ye the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth


laborers into the harvest.



There are three points that we need to remember here.  We have to first remember that the Jesus


Agenda has not been nor ever will be popular.  When we go back to verses 2 and 3, we see that Jesus


healed a man that was sick with the Palsy.  The one thing that he told the man was to, “bee of good


cheer; thy sins are forgiven…”.  This is when the scribes said amongst themselves in verse 3, “this man


blasphemeth…”.  We have to realize that Jesus’ agenda is not popular, even among church folk.  How


many times have we set out to do the work of the Kingdom only to be laughed at or ridiculed by folks


that think you’re trying to showboat or trying to “take over the meeting”?  How many times have you


tried to being someone to Christ only to have them look at you funny, or say you’re trying to shove


religion down their throats, or even just flat out tell you that God doesn’t even exist?  Well, whether


they think that you think that you are better than they are, or whether they look at you and call you a


“holy roller”, or whether they believe that there is no God at all, we have to understand that we as


Christians are on a mission and that mission is all part of the Jesus Agenda.



We understand that the Jesus Agenda may not be popular to some folks in the world but that does not


mean that it does not go unnoticed.  If you go to verse 23 we will see that Jesus’ agenda had already

preceded Him:


“And when Jesus came into the ruler’s house, and when He saw the minstrels and the people making


noise, He said unto them ‘Give place:  for the maid is not dead, but sleepeth.  And they laughed at Him


in scorn.  But when the people were put forth, He went in, and took her by the hand, and the maid


arose.  And the fame hereof went abroad into all that land…”



In other words, when it comes to the Jesus agenda, it may not be popular but, when we see just how


mighty His works are, and we can be a witness to the blessings He can bestow upon those that believe,


it won’t be long before somebody hears about it because good news travels fast!  I remember when


both of my boys were born.  That in itself is the best miracle that God can ever give anyone that desires


to be a parent.  But I tell you, it wasn’t even minutes after they had come into the world that I got


several phone calls congratulating their mother and me and we hadn’t even gotten to the nursery to


spend any time with them.  I’m saying all of that to say this.  Jesus’ Agenda is NOT something that can be


related to time and mere circumstance.  His agenda is His alone and whether we like it or not the


agenda will go forth even if it takes a miracle for it to happen.



The last thing we need to realize, when it comes to the Jesus Agenda is that it is not popular, it will not


go unnoticed but it will give us a harvest with enough work to go around.  Once word got around that


Jesus was traveling from city to city healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the


people, He noticed that the word got around and that there were a whole lot of folk coming to see a


man that help them with any and every problem.  Yes, He could have healed everybody He came in


contact with and them some but, He was giving us instructions for us to use when He went back to


glory.  The mission of the Church is not just to sit idly by hoping someone would happen to walk in


destitute, fallen on hard times, and in need of a handout.  Yes, we are to come and worship Him and


give Him all of the glory, honor and all of the praise but, if you really study this text, you will see that


Jesus did more teaching, did more preaching, and did more healing OUTSIDE of the church.  Sometimes


we have to get away from the House in order to go fishing.  Back up in verse 9 Jesus was still in Galilee,


when He passed Matthew and told him, “follow me”.  Then we find Him eating and drinking with


publicans, sinners, and all kinds of folk. In other words, in order to get the agenda out, Jesus hung out


with the wrong crowd.  His agenda made it perfectly clear:



-In order for us to reap the harvest , we must first go out and plant some seeds – That’s the agenda


-In order for us to do some good, we to GO and help those who have it bad that have it bad – That’s the agenda.


-In order for the world to see Jesus in us, we have to love the devil out of them – That’s the agenda


-But in order for us to “Punch in and go to work”, we have to be familiar with the agenda in the first place – THAT’S THE AGENDA!


All I’m simply trying to get across to us here is that we can’t do anything for the mission that is already in


action without first getting a copy of this agenda so that we, as the church, can believe in he mission,


can join the mission, be part of the mission, get involved in the mission, help complete the mission, so


when that day comes when we all get to Heaven we tell our Lord and Savior, MISSION


ACCOMPLISHED!!! Just like the songwriter said:



Each day that I live, He gives more than I need
and I could never describe His goodness to me
if you ask how I make day after day
there is only one thing I can say

its been a long journey but I have been blessed
walking with Jesus, I have no regrets
He is so good to me and I must confess
the way has been long but I’m blessed

All that I need I find at his feet
when I’m hungry he feeds me with manna so sweet
when my soul is weary he sends peace and rest
and all I can say is I’m blessed

Now I’ve had my share of sunshine and rain
days filled with laughter and nights filled with pain
but with every mile as I travel this way
the journey gets sweeter each day

(repeat chorus)

so much more than I ever deserve
he’s been faithfully keeping His word
I’ve been cleansed by the hand of the Lord

I’m blessed, I’m blessed, I’m blessed

(repeat chorus)

the way has been long but I’m blessed

the way has been long but I’m blessed



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