Confessions of Rev. P.K. Minister: Reflections

Good Day Readers:


It’s time to start another week and I pray that yours will be a great one. 

Yesterday, our church celebrated 118 years of service to God and to the community.  I can’t say that all of said years were prosperous or even happy times but, those years are truly behind us and we are steadily looking forward to 118 more, if God sees fit.  I can say that over 30 of those years have seen a great deal of work from our Pastor, Rev. Johnson.  He is truly in the twilight of his years on earth and, as my father’s best friend and now my mentor, I am pleased and blessed to have him in my life since he has known me for all of it.  After service, we were served a very wonderful dinner and had a great time in fellowship with each other as members as well as visitors who were in attendance.  I had the opportunity to sit Pastor Johnson at dinner as I was the only associate in attendance.  When I say that, even now, I am still in awe just sitting with him is an understatement.  You have to understand that I’ve known this man from childhood and the best friend of my own father and never in a million years would I have dreamt that I would be sitting next to him as an adult let alone as one of his staff.  I still get feelings of unworthiness because of my short years of preaching compared to his many decades of the same.  However, as we sat and ate together, there was a calm just being there.  Have you ever admired someone so much that you’re speechless?  This is truly the second time I have felt this way.  The one other time was, as it should be, with my Dad.  They were cut from the same cloth, and rightfully so, seemed to have genuine love for just about anyone.  We would talk about certain things and he would always give me stories about his times he shared with my Dad.  If you could see the smile on his face whenever he would mention them, you could definitely see the genuine love that they had for each other as brothers.  All I could do is just listen and learn about Dad the friend instead of Dad the father (I’m welling up as I type this so forgive me).  He even told me the story of how he introduced my Dad to my Mom.  I smiled so big as I heard that story because, of course, I had heard only the two sides (from Dad and Mom) and now, I got the story of what really happened LOL. 

After dinner, I was able to talk to some of the other members but I still kept going back to those few moments with Pastor Johnson.  That made my entire day and I’m sure this will remain with me as I continue on my journey. 


Until Next Time…