42 Years: A Day of Firsts…of sorts

Good Day Readers:


Well it is almost 11pm on August 16, 2011.  This is a special day in particular because today is my birthday.  I woke up anxious to start my day yet there were feelings of anxiety as the day went on.  See, this is a day of firsts for me.  This is the first birthday that I have been single since 1995, this is the first birthday as a single father, this is the first birthday since finding out I was adopted.  You can see how I had an interesting day.  I got a TON of well wishes from my friends on Facebook and lots of text messages from friends so that part was taken care of.  However there was still the other things that were still on my mind.  These firsts that I spoke of are pretty important to me.  More to come…



Until Next time…


4 responses to “42 Years: A Day of Firsts…of sorts

  1. First Day of many that the Lord kept you through all your 42yrs. He loves you and always have, and guess what my brother all that you go through and have gone through my God He will get all the Glory. Let’s call this a new beginning you should be honored to know He chose you to go through, “why me” you may say because He knew you could handle it and trust you!!!. You are a man destined for greatness that’s why God placed you with such an awesome man of God your earthly father Jasper P. Saunders and it could have not gotten any better remember God chose you and Jasper chose you and that’s who’s you are no matter what!!!. Andre Saunders “general”. Be excited your future is so awesome that your past won’t even make a difference!!!. Go forward with great expectations your past shaped your for your future. So I speak into your spirit my brother “Healing, Deliverance and freedom from the grips of Satan he can no longer hold you captive with your beginnings, I speak brand new real love in your life a woman like Ruth Esther and Mary all in one all that you need and desire sent by our Father in Heaven. I love you my brother and as usual praying for you without cease. Go forth my brother and change your “SEE” and use it for the good par God kingdom. Go forth JP Saunders Jr. You know already its just a trick from Satan to stop you but guess what that assignment bE been cancelled in Jesus Name you are freeee!!!!!!!.

  2. This is also a new beginning of the short time before your meet and connect with a woman who will be a fabulous influence on you and your children, something definetly to look forward to. And this is also a new beginning of truths. I couldn’t imagine who odd it would feel to suddenly find out that the people for who you thought you shared blood with, you do not. Questions of who are you and where are my missing pieces got to be mind boggling but at least from now on you are aware of the truth. The truth is always better than a lie.

    • Hello to my favorite author!!! You know Latte, I hear exactly what you’re saying. It could have been a lot worse as in I could have been given to strangers but I did stay with the family so therein lies the blessing. I will post more in this as it progresses so stay tuned.

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