Even the Web Needs a Savior

Good Day Readers:

I hope and pray that God is blessing you today and will continue to bless you according to his riches.  It’s a nice sunny day here in FL.  I’m going to make the most of it. 

Who says that the internet is completely evil?  As you answer that question, I want to share an experience with you.  In my years of experience in IT, I have come across a lot of users that are either scared of or completely dislike the internet.  Why would anyone, regardless of background be scared or to reluctant to go out and explore the world-wide web?  Well, I’m of the opinion that people mock what they don’t understand or are completely naïve to GOOD things that you can find out here.  Case in point, mine, as well as countless other blogs, that are here for the betterment of us as humans and more importantly, as Christians.  Yes, like the non-technical world, there are some seedy and shady areas that we need not travel to and yes, there places out here that, in my opinion, could be deemed as, well, bad.  However, the internet as a whole is NOT as bad as some people claim it is to be.  As Christians, we have been commissioned to “go out into all the world…” and if that means to go out into all the world-wide web to preach the Gospel, then so be it.  Salvation is not just for the street corners anymore.  More and more people have access to this realm of information so, why shouldn’t the Gospel of Jesus Christ be limited to just handing out tracks at the store or outside of bars, clubs, alleys, etc.  We all know that God has predestined us to do his work.  Granted, the technology that we have today obviously didn’t exist over 2000 years ago but, since it’s here now, why not take full advantage of the opportunity to save at least ONE person from hell?  Who are we to discriminate who gets into heaven because they surf the web?  I tell you this, I will not be the one to make that decision…lol

Until next time…


2 responses to “Even the Web Needs a Savior

  1. C’mon now, you betta preach it! You know I ain’t mad. But seriously every avenue must be explored and used to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and glory to God.

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