Guest Blog: Assurance is Better than Insurance

Good day Readers:

I am having a good day and I hope you are too.  I am yet again preparaing to speak at the end of May so there is much studying to be done.  However, I will not leave you without sharing some words from today’s guest Blog.  Today’s blog comes from Min. Cathy Witter who hails from New Jersey.  These words are deep so be prapared…


I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday and we were discussing whether or not I was called to pastor a church, if I would be any good at it or if I even wanted to pastor.  He seemed believe that I am but I struggled with accepting what may be the will of God for my life.  Later on in the day I sat down and had a talk with God, this post is in part what I got directly from that conversation with God and part of a sermon that I preached a while ago.

There are times in all of our lives when we are called on or appointed a task that seems to be beyond our natural capabilities to perform.  A task neither charm, talents, nor intellect can carry you through.  Now when these times come, we naturally want to run, take a step back, we feel inadequate to complete the task. We call on our family, our friends, our brothers and sisters in Christ to try to help us achieve the goal.  We depend on them to somehow do for us what we are incapable of doing ourselves.  They tell us “I’ve got you covered, I‘m with you all the way, but somehow they fall short of actually making good on the promise. It’s not that they don’t want to help but more like they can’t.  But I’ve got good news this morning, when no one else can help you” God’s Got Your Back”

I was reminded that there is no task or assignment that has been given to you too great, no command or order too hard when God himself has called you to do it. If God said go: JUST DO IT!!!!

Joshua 1:9a says, Have I not commanded you? To paraphrase it, God is saying, didn’t I tell you to go?  God asks a question that He fully knows the answer to, to provoke and stimulate Joshua into remembering and recognizing that God himself called Joshua to lead the children of Israel into to the land of Canaan.  Joshua was not unprepared to lead; he had been in preparation for this very day all the while he served as Moses’ minister.  Whom God calls, He equips, how and when He equips is solely up to him, our job is to be available and obedient. I recall another person in the Bible whom God used simply because she was available, Queen Esther.  I am sure Esther, didn’t know that all her years of preparation would eventually bring her to the place that she would be the one who was instrumental in saving her people; she thought she was only getting ready for the possibility of becoming a queen. When she was given the task to go to the king on behalf of her people, she said if I perish, I perish… she decided to just do it. Nike coined that slogan a few years ago to motivate people to participate in some form of physical activity and to use their sneakers to do it in.  But I challenge you today to just do it but do it Jesus’ name.  So since you have received your orders from the Most High God himself, you might as well carry them out. And then I trotted out my next excuse…fear. I have huge issues with fear, don’t be shocked, us ministers struggle with issues of fear like everyone else, but God also reminded me that fear and faith don’t mix. God begins to encourage Joshua as He knows that the assignment will be challenging, He tells Joshua to be strong and of a good courage.  To be strong is to be confident, assured of the final outcome, to be of a good courage means brave in the face of danger. Then God goes a step further by saying” be not afraid nor dismayed, Paul tells us in 2 Timothy 1:7 that God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and love and of a sound mind.  God didn’t put fear in us, so if He didn’t, guess who did? But what He did give us is more than able to overcome what the enemy has attempted to place within us. Now fear and faith cannot co-exist together as they are complete opposites.  When you are cleaning, you are cautioned not to mix bleach and ammonia together as the combination forms a gas that is deadly to anyone nearby, that is what the fear and faith mix is to a Christian on a mission from and for God, it causes symptoms that are harmful and keeps us from doing and being all that God wants us to be. 

God’s Assurance is better than insurance

In verse 5b God has already assured Joshua that He will be with him as He had been with Moses, that He would not fail him nor forsake him, then for good measure He says it again in verse 9c, for the Lord thy God is with thee wherever you may go. Wow to have the living God, to have the living God personally assure you that He will be with you wherever you may go.  So God is saying to you today as he said to Joshua, I will be with you wherever you may go, as long as you love me, fear me and live holy and righteous lives.  So whatever it is that God has instructed you to do, you have no excuse to not do as the Lord has commanded you, as you CANNOT fail.  So when God calls your name, Just Do It, remember Fear and Faith Don’t Mix and God’s Assurance is better than Insurance. After much prayer, I decided and declared to Him that I will be a willing vessel for Him to train and prepared me for whatever it is He wants to do in my life if He just gives me the strength and courage to move beyond myself and what I feel are my abilities. And you know what He said…that He’s got my back.


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