Open Letter to OUR Troops

I was listening to the Steve Harvey Morning Show on the way to work, as I always do and was interested in the segment he had about sending letters to our Troops that are overseas fighting.  He asked his listeners to send emails or post on his website well wishes to the brave men and women defending freedom.  The email could be addressed to an individual, Unit, Branch, or all of them in general.  Well, I feel compelled to do my own.  Granted, I certainly don’t have the star power that Mr. Harvey has nor do I possess the necessary medium to get a letter to all the troops (if could help that would be great) but here is an open letter to a man, woman, son, daughter, father, mother, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, cousin, or even friend that is stationed all over the world.  I’m a veteran myself so trust me, this will be appreciated.  If you would like, feel free to copy and paste this and send it.

Dearest Protector of Freedom:

This is a very trying time for you, as you are, what may seem like, millions of miles away from those you love and cherish.  Well, just to let you know, we feel the same distance from you back here.  As you stand ready to complete your mission, please take into consideration the thousands of lives you are protecting, some of which you know and some you don’t.  I, for one, sleep well at night knowing that you are there “on the wall” ready to put yourself in harm’s way.  There are some back here that may not necessarily agree with the purpose behind your mission, yet you are still there; fighting for their freedom as well.  You have an awesome responsibility that you volunteered for and make no mistake, the task that you have before you is not for everybody.  It takes a lot of courage to do what you are doing and quite frankly, you’re doing a great job.  You may or may not get this letter but, in the event that you, please accept our heartfelt thank you for your service to this nation.  You are in our thoughts and prayers and we await your safe return.

Thank You


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