Wednesday Rant

Hello. I hope that you’re having a good day so far.  Mine is going well although there will be some rain coming soon.

So who is ready for this Christmas season?  Personally, I’m as ready as I can be.  I’m not big on crowds for the most part even though I’m a people watcher.  I like seeing the crowds as they go through the hustle and bustle of shopping for their loved ones.  I’m just not waking up at the crack of dawn to see it…LOL.  Every year, my family gets together starting on Thanksgiving to gather and spend time as a family because, let’s face it, during the course of the year, life happens.  We really get involved with our lives; children, work, personal time, etc so, a few times during the last part of the year up to and including New Years Day, we gather and have a good time.  I like to call them the Three F’s:  Family, Food, and Football. 

Family is a big part of my life and I look forward to seeing them throughout the year but there is something about the holidays that makes it all the better because, to me, that’s when everyone seems to put away the issues that they may have or just leave them at the door before they come in.  Every time we gather, we always take time to remember those of us who are not here any longer.  This year, it’s my Aunt.  We will all miss her.

The food is always a big attraction in my family.  We have some VERY talented cooks!  Fortunately, for all, I’m not one of them.  I can do my thing on the grill (self proclaimed grill master), but for the real deal, I concede to the professionals…LOL.  My cousin, who is walking in his grandfather’s (my Uncle) footsteps   was the main cook this Thanksgiving.  This brother got down, folks.  I’m still savoring his homemade cranberry sauce that bust with flavor whenever I took a bite as well as his chocolate on chocolate cake that had a hint of coffee due to it being part of the recipe (I may have been the one who ate most of it…LOL).  His father is from Georgia so some of those folks came down and had the nerve to bring down with them, a coconut cake!!!  I was in pain by the time I finished that night.  Also imported from Georgia was homemade hot sauce that complimented the greens very well (Even the virtual plate that I got this week from Dr. Miller via Twitter…lol). 

Lastly, there is always football.  Ah, football.  As I live vicariously through running play for a huge gain, or a big time reception that ends in a touchdown, or a pick six for the same, there is nothing that says holiday like a good gridiron contest.  My Bucs are far less than stellar this season but my Gators are making up for it in a big way.  They have, as my Dad use to say, “a tough row to hoe” this weekend against the Crimson Tide but I’m confident that Tebow & Company will be victorious.  My thoughts on the whole BCS debacle are still up in the air though.

Well that about sums up my thoughts for today.

Until next time…


One response to “Wednesday Rant

  1. I’m just getting a chance to comment. Your meal sounds so good. Much better than your grilled PB&J! So glad the hot sauce worked out on the virtual greens. I was concerned! Just wanting to console you on Tebow and Company. Hopefully he’s drying his tears and getting ready for whichever bowl game he’ll be playing in. :)) Weeping may endure for a night…but this time next year, he’ll be laughing all the way to the bank!

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