Monday Rant…

Well it is Monday and we should all be back to work physically…LOL.  I trust that everyone had a great weekend.  I think I may have asked that question already so I apologize.  Nothing really on tap today as far as interesting topics so, I will rant for a few minutes. 

I was able to finally get my school registration taken care of.  I’m going BACK to get my Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) rating. Hopefully, this will be the time when I can actually get the nose to the grindstone and get’r done as they say in some parts of the U.S.  This will be a long time coming since I have been in IT since 2000.  I’ve had my share of really great jobs and really not-so-great jobs.  All of which have helped me make my decision to pursue this certification.  I love computers and am greatly interested in how they work both individually as well as in the grand scheme of things on a local as well as worldwide level.  It’s really funny that, many years ago, we really didn’t expect the personal computer to take the world by storm as it did and is continuing to do.  When we think about those times back when only the “important people” had such gadgetry, it amazes me how far we’ve come in the short amount of time that we have.  Make no mistake, I will blog form my BlackBerry from time to time for the sake of convenience but , I wonder what life would be like without such devices . 

I just got a call from the workforce agency here in town.  They were calling regarding a job that they had that I was qualified for.  It really amazes me that, when I was actually looking for work, things were scarce from my perspective but now that I am employed (thank GOD for a job), they are calling to see if I would be interested.  Just so you know I declined because I am employed (again praising GOD), and it would be better for someone that does NOT have a job to take that one because there is always someone worse off than we are.  I pray that someone that is in a less than fortunate situation than I am is able to get that gig.  Granted, it may not be as glamorous as expected or anticipated, but hey, steady, HONEST income is far better than none at all.  Whoever is reading this, if you know of someone that is looking for work, I encourage you…no, I implore you to give a helping hand.  You never know when that hand that you keep to yourself will be the very same hand that will be extended in that time of need that we dread so much.

How many of us are on Twitter?  Just about everyone, I assume.  I haven’t been tweeting very long but it has been a pretty cool experience overall.  I don’t have many followers but I am thankful for the ones I have because they are pretty good people.  You never know what is on a person’s mind until you actually read some of the tweets that they put out there LOL.  The people that I follow are usually sending messages of uplift and inspiration.  I know that sounds corny but it’s true.  Don’t get me wrong we talk about everything but I get to see some really positive things from these people I follow.  I do follow a few celebrities but they are not in tune with what I feel is relevant to me in my opinion.  No disrespect to them at all but they have so many folks following them that they will never respond to a tweet I sent with their @username in it.  They have things to say relevant to them so it’s all good. 

Ok, now for sports.  The 2009 football season is winding down and I must say I’m really down about that.  It seems like yesterday that pre-season was just here and NOW we’re gearing up for the playoffs.  I was telling a friend that during the off-season, I was so stir crazy that I even sat through a CFL game.  How’s that for an addiction?  LOL  I’m not a real fan of the NBA (AKA professional streetball), and I won’t really start looking at college hoops until football is done so, I’m at a crossroads here.  The NHL is cool (no pun intended), but I haven’t seen a real game since there aren’t  any games on ESPN due to their strike a few years back.  Oh well, such is life.

Ok, that about wraps it up for now.  Until next time…


The Battle Rages On…

As I sit and watch Master and Commander: The far side of the world, for the billionth time, I’m reminded of a saying, “choose your battles now, or they will be chosen for you later.” when I thought about that saying, I realized that there are several battles in my own life that I must choose to fight or have them chosen for me. If that were to happen, the outcome may not be as I would like or anticipate. I guess my point is that there are some battles that you can win easily but then there are those that will require you full attention. So much in fact that you may be in this battle for quite some time. From my own experience, the battles that I have won have truly been by the grace of God. The other that I haven’t are merely setbacks. Make no mistake, the enemy is and always will be on his job. Admittedly, he’s pretty good at it too. My God however is still ever present and will never fail. I say that to say that I still have some big battles ahead; some of my own doing and some not; but I will choose them instead of having them chosen for me.

Until next time…

Saturday Afternoon

Now that I have a few moments to myself, I thought I would share a few words with you today.  As I said previously, my rants will be full of a series of emotions but today this is just a warm up just to get the blood going. 

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and that your weekend is going smoothly.  It’s a beautiful day down here and I can truly say that I am very thankful for this time to myself.  I haven’t had to time to think too much about what I am writing now other than that this time alone is well deserved as well as needed.  I have so many things that I am trying to accomplish and, although it may seem like time is on my side, I can assure you that it’s not.  There never seems to be enough hours in the day to accomplish what one may need in order to feel like one may have done something productive but we have to use what we have.  Having said that, I am pressing onward to get to my goals(you will hear about said goals as we go along the journey) and I remain confident, through lots of prayer, that they will be realized. 

Ok, I’ve rambled enough now.  Time to get back to the Gators…

First of Many

Well, after searching many blogging sites, I finally found a home here at WordPress. As you get to know me you will discover that I have tons of emotions that may sometimes intertwine during my rant. I ask for your indulgence because, sometimes, things may get interesting.